Growth Hormone Tests

Many small organs called endocrine glands build the endocrine system all over your body. They secrete hormones. These important substances tell your body what and when to do, for example how much to grow or when to begin the changes called puberty which turn a kid's body into a grownup body.

The 'captain gland' which controls the other glands and body functions is called pituitary gland. It is as tiny as a bean and located almost exactly in the centre of your head. Another important gland is the thyroid gland which is located in your neck. Both the pituitary and the thyroid gland produce growth hormone which regulates your growing big and your pubertal changes.

In some cases of LCH, the glands don't produce enough growth hormone. This is called a growth hormone deficit and can slow down your growth and/or your pubertal changes.

Spe­cial doc­tors cal­led en­do­cri­no­lo­gists know how to tre­at pa­ti­ents with hor­mo­ne deficits. If they sus­pect you haven't enough growth hormone, you will per­form special tests. They can find out if you need daily doses of growth hormone which will help you grow to be a normal-sized grown-up. Growth hormone can be given as pills or as a kind of nasal spray.

But not all girls at age 13 and boys at age 15 who are smaller than their friends have growth hormone problems. Some have just a delayed puberty and will have their growth spurt a bit later. And then their endocrine system will tell their body to grow, and grow ... till all sleeves and pants legs are too short!