Medical guidelines for histiocytic disorders


Following the incidence, each year 1400-2500 children and adults in the European Union develop Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) and associated syndromes. In several cases, patients have to wait many weeks, months or even years until diagnosis. Once confirmed, patients and treating physicians have to deal with histiocytosis, searching for scientifically approved information concerning adequate diagnosis, therapy and follow-up. This is why expert groups around the world, including ECHO, strive to make reliable information and expert support easily accessible.

Medical Guidelines

Various work groups have elaborated international guidelines and recommendations for diagnosis, treatment and the follow-up of different Histiocytoses. Reliable and up-to-date information can be found under the links below.

EHN Guidelines for pediatric LCH
LCH guidelines in french
EHN Guidelines for adult LCH
Consensus Guidelines for Erdheim-Chester Disease
Consensus recommendations for the diagnosis and clinical management of Rosai-Dorfman-Destombes disease